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Cultural Events

Even though challenges occur: Culture and Arts bring people together! Through our Cultural Events you can get know many diverse people by action, listening and talking. 

House of Cards
Game Night

The Game Night is an open meeting point with games and snacks where it's all about having fun and getting to know people from different backgrounds. 

doing work together
Study Night

At the Study Night you can expect a talk about a professionally or socially relevant topic. Mostly the talks refer to personal growth, strengthening families or the Sustainable Development Goals (SGDs) of the United Nations. Of course there is always time for questions and a short discussion.

Giving a Speech
Storytelling Night

"Our life is the history of our encounters." (Anton Kner). Regarding this motto 7 Storytellers will tell us 7-minute-stories out of their lives - suitable for the topic of the night.

Music Night

Newcomer talents have the chance to make their own personal cultural contribution to peace through their own concert. 100% of the night's proceeds benefit the talents themselves.

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